Body Pass: Hoop Dance for Kids Lesson 5

Published by on April 20, 2015 at 4:51 pm

Welcome, hoopers!  We’ve got a great lesson in store for you today.  It’s time for Lesson 5 in our “Hoop Dance for Kids” video series.  So, grab your hoop and join me (Miss Abby) as we learn all about body passes!  And be sure to scroll down, for today’s hoop dance challenge.

Here are some quick tips:
1) Start with the hoop in front of you, palms facing down
2) Imagine there’s a crayon at the tip of your hoop, facing the ground.  Pretend to draw a circle on the floor with that crayon… this will ensure that your hands are in the right position as you pass.
3) Try this move slow and then fast, keeping those palms facing down the whole time.

CHALLENGE: Try the body pass in both directions (clockwise and counter clockwise)!  Then, get extra fancy by passing the hoop under your leg!

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Until next time…
Happy Hooping from the Hoola Monsters!

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