Meet the Hoola Monsters

Hoola Monster Gang

Booba MonsterBooba Monster

I’m a Russian, green, hoop dancing machine!  Whatever you do… don’t mistake me for a dinosaur.  I may have claws, but I’m no T-Rex.  I love to teach kids how to move their arms and hoop to the beat.

Bouncy MonsterBouncy Monster

Yellow!  I bobble, boing and bounce.  My voice is high and my jumps are even higher!  Some say I’m silly.  I say I’m SUUUU-HOOPER!  When kids visit me in Hoolaville, I love to show them cool ways to jump through their hoops.


Dizzy MonsterDizzy Monster

Wheeeee!  Spinning ‘round and ‘round is my favorite thing in the whole wide world.  I give furry pink hugs, and kids make my heart happy.  There’s nothing I love more than teaching them how to “move it and groove it.”

Iso MonsterIso Monster

You can call me the “isolation sensation.”   I create magic tricks with my hoop!  Don’t let my tough exterior fool you.  I’m a softy at heart, and I love to bust a rhyme.  Gotta run, it’s hoop time!


Miss AbbyMiss Abby

As legend has it, I come from a long line of “hoola helpers.”  I was put on planet Earth to help kids find the golden tunnel to Hoolaville.  I work with the Hoola Monsters by teaching kids all about creativity and imagination through the art of hoop dance.  Together, we grant wishes and make dreams come true!


I was once shy and scared…  Then, I discovered a golden tunnel that led me to Hoolaville!  During my incredible adventure, the Hoola Monsters taught me some valuable lessons.  Most importantly, I learned to believe in myself and follow my dreams!  Molly is my name, and hooping is my game!